Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cross Your Heart

It's official...hubby & I decided on a name for our new business...
"Cross Your Heart"

How fitting! This is going to be a long journey, of which we are just starting, but we are committed to seeing it through to the end. It's amazing to have a faithful partner that believes not only in you; but in your dreams too, even if we have no clue how it will end up - he has Faith in me...that's priceless!


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

R.I.P Poke (AKA: Old Man)

On The Other Side

Poke was the horse that most only dream of
He was a faithful and kind friend
Although he never made us a dime
He gave us much more than money could buy

He was gentle and patience
And taught us how to do things right

He was my husbands best friend
Even right up to the end

He taught him to ride at a walk and trot
Until he was ready to let go & run a lot
He taught him to rope
And he was anything but a slow-poke

He taught him how to go the extra mile
To never give up and always keep his smile
He taught him to love and now how to let go
He just forgot to tell him it would leave a hole

He was the boss until he got too old
Then he had to let the young 'uns take control
Although he lost his speed, and try as he might
He just couldn't keep 'em in his sight

One things for sure despite his age
His heart was still too big to gauge

As he climbed in the trailer his head held high
He turned and whinnied one last time
For he knew he was taking his final ride
But I'm sure he told 'em...."see you on the other side"

R.I.P. Poke (Old Man) - We Love You & Miss You!!
(December 28, 2010)