Monday, January 31, 2011

Lord I'm Not Worthy....

You HAVE to listen to this's AMAZING...a humbling song with words that reverberate my soul and speak how I feel at times...Lord I'm not worthy to come to you, could you please come down to me! Tears flowed when I heard this song tonight on my home from work. It made me realize just what a merciful God we serve and how fortunate we are that He still finds the grace to save a wretched like me...a lost soul searching for a place in this temporary home called earth but longing for Heaven!!

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Monday, January 24, 2011

"It's All Good Up Here"

I think I am experiencing writers block for the first time in a really long time! Usually, it doesn't take so much effort to put my feelings into words; but I must admit, I really struggled with this one. I am not sure if it was because it hurt so much to let him go - or if it's just because of the regret I feel for letting so much time pass without seeing him. Either way - my hearts broken and I just hope my point gets across of what kind of man our family just lost!

(In the picture, left to right, my Daddy & Uncle Ronnie)
(poem for Uncle Ronnie)

It's All Good Up Here

I can see him now
Walking around Heaven
His thumbs under his suspenders
His eyes bright and full of joy
Simply amazed at the sights
Sitting around with family and friends
Reminiscing about the past
And truly having a blast

If you asked anyone
What they remember the most
I'm sure they would say
He was a great host
A man that was real
Humble and honest
Patient and kind
He never asked for much
But would give you his last dime
And complaining you'd never hear

He was a friend to all
And to all He loved dear
His passion was family and friends
Fishing and country music he loved
That much was clear

I can honestly say I don't believe
There were many things he feared
He left a legacy many can only dream of
But most will never achieve
Content and happy, sweet and kind
And although some thought he didn't have much
What they couldn't see truly added up

His heart was full of love
His face was always a glow
Of which always wears a smile
He leaves behind two sons
Who will carry more than his name
They will carry his pride and style
But mostly his grace and un-found fame

His last days on this earth
Was one that was shared by many
Both near and far
He would have been proud
To hear many told stories
And the laughing out loud
Don't get me wrong, the tears did flow
But he remains in our hearts forever a glow

And though he's reached the end
Of his earthly journey here below
His Heavenly journey has just begun
For he's renewed, no pains nor fears
No tears or cares, not a bruise to be seen
He's looking down on us all
Saying, "It's all good up here"

RIP Uncle Ronnie
March 3, 1951 - February 19, 2011

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Scars & Victories

Friday morning, on my drive to work, I was overwhelmed with a sense of "gratitude & thankfulness". It almost felt as if I were driving in a fog. Not because my life is so perfect, but just the contrary. It's because I feel like the trials and tribulations I have endured have made me a better person! Do not misunderstand me, I'm far from perfect, and if I were to list my many flaws I would probably max out on available characters in this blog...LOL!

I know some people endure more than others and then there are those that endure their trials and tribulations and pain in silence, and we never know about it....thus they appear to have a perfect life. But, if you really took the opportunity to get to know someone, you may be surprised at what their daily lives truly entails. That is why I always try to remind myself to not be too quick to judge others, when in reality you never honestly know what they are going through.

I know it is simply human nature to "jump to conclusions" and I believe we are all guilty of that. However, I also know that I am so thankful that God did not (and does not) "jump to conclusions" when I made (or make) mistakes. I am so glad that he is merciful and loving and forgiving. Otherwise, oh goodness, I cannot imagine where I would be today without his saving Grace!

I encourage you each today to be thoughtful of your words and actions...try using your words as building blocks and not battering arms because your words may be just what another person needs to hear or what will cause more harm than good! Think about it...actions speak louder than words...Just like the action Jesus took by dying on the Cross....imagine what this world would be like today if He would have just "said" he was going to die on the Cross but never did!

When God gives any many wealth & possessions, and enables him to enjoy them, to accept his lot and be happy in his work -- this is a gift of God (Ecclesiastes 5:19)

I leave you with this thought, the images, scars and victories that we live with have shaped us into the people we have become today and will be tomorrow. We will never know who a person is until we understand where they have been! Be mindful, thoughtful and loving before you speak and let your actions speak louder than your words!


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year!

It is hard to imagine that we have entered 2011! We were at friends New Years Eve and discussing how it seems like yesterday there was such a fuss over Y2K and now most cannot even remember 9/11, which is extremely sad, but true. For me, it was proof that life passes us by at lightening speed and we often forget to stop and take the time to remember the important things of life...or enjoy them!

I heard a pastor speaking on New Years Resolutions and how we get all gung-ho to establish them only to see them vanish after about 30-days. Then complain that we simply did not have time to complete them or see them through. He talked about "what robs our time" and it really got me to thinking! (Yes, be scared, I was really thinking!!) I often feel we are great at laying blame but not very good at taking blame! We often fall in the trap of blaming others instead of simply owning up to our faults and trying to make it better or become better!

If I think about what robs my time, it's not TV, which I'm sure statistics will prove that to be the number one thief, however, mine is w-o-r-k! As I reflect on 2010, I spent over 12-14 hours of every day (including some weekends) working in 2010. That left "crumbs" for my family and things that really mean something to me. I can say "I'm sorry" a million times over, but until I make a "change" and really prove to them that they are most important then those words will simply be null, with no meaning! Don't get me wrong....we all have to work in order to generate that famous need of "money"! But at what price! See the viscous circle? So I asked myself, "What is more important to me"? My answer was simple and quick....GOD & FAMILY! Therefore I'm committed to make a change in 2011 to spend more time with my God and my family. But not just quantity time - but QUALITY time.

Well, here it is Saturday morning and I am going to try and finish this blog I started on January 5th. That is an indicator of how my first week of the year has gone...BUSY! My New Year's Resolution to "not give my husband crumbs" is working; which means other things in my life are taking a 'back-seat'! Don't get me wrong, I have worked late this week, but I made an earnest effort to spend more quality time with my husband when I am home. Let's just say I've watched more TV in the first 5 days of the year than I probably did most of 2010! (ha)

As I reflect on what I've learned throughout 2010 I can tell you the number one thing is, no matter how bad it seems, someone always has it worse than I do. Life if FULL of challenges! But it's how you face them and your attitude in the midst of the trial that will sustain you or will make you a winner!

If you take nothing else from this blog today, I hope you will remember, you are the one that determines your destiny. You can either sit and sulk over it .... or you can get up and make something positive out of it! God did not wear a crown of thorns so that we would go through life defeated, but rather so that we could go through life as winners! Remember, if it's too small to pray about then odds are it's too small to worry about!

The attitude in which you welcome in this New Year ...odds are is how it will remain throughout the year! Put your faith in something worthy and not in fear & doubt!

Blessed is the man who endures temptation; for when he has been approved, he
will receive the crown of life which the Lord has promised to those who love Him
(James 1:12)