Sunday, April 4, 2010

"Accepting Who You Are" (April 5, 2010)

Today is the day when the tomb was empty...He was and is Risen!! I am so glad that Jesus died for my sins so that I may have eternal life. (John 3:16)

Do we really know what that means? Have we really thought about what it means that Jesus has nail scared hands, pierced sides, had a crown of thorns pressed into his head and hung on the Cross for US!! For YOU and Me??

In my opinion, (and heart), it means that "I AM WORTHY"! Not because a friend, loved one, or even a spouse said so, but because Jesus said it!

Are you prepared to deal with the fact that the person you've spent your entire life trying to impress may never be impressed? Are you prepared to face the reality that, from God's perspective, it doesn't matter one way or the other? You have to remember, you won't get anywhere by worshipping a person, which is what you are doing if you are seeking another person's approval as the most defining opinion about your life.

See, if we constantly try to obtain approvals of others, it means that we have not approved of ourselves first. If you don't love you and believe you are worthy then you will never experience that true peace and satisfaction of accepting who you are. We cannot all be that perfect mold the magazines persist we have, but we can be grateful for who we are and the individual God created us to be.

I used to be obsessed with my figure and looks until one day it was like Jesus spoke to me saying "I am perfect just as I am because He created me in his image"! Since that day, I've learned to accept the person I am, and I am beautiful on the inside AND the outside! Sure, I may have a little extra where others don't, and I'm certain you could find many flaws if you chose to look; but honestly, your opinion is not what really counts. What is most important is that I am healthy and that Jesus loves me just as I am!! Since that day, I have become such a nicer person and I'm not so judgemental of others. If anything I see others in a different light too. I almost feel sorry for most I meet because I can see they don't appreciate the goods God has given them.

The way you appreciate yourself impacts everything you do! Since the day I began loving me, I have been able to go and do more! I started winning again with my horses and my success at work rose above what I could have ever imagined. When you believe in yourself it will show on the outside and others will see it too. If you do not have confidence in yourself, find out why and change it or accept it! But remember, you have to love you first - because if you do not then you can not expect others too either!!

In order for people to treat you well, there must be something deep inside of you that sends out a signal saying, "I am somebody because God made me to be somebody. I may not be twenty-one and wear a size seven. I may be seventy-one and wear a size twenty-seven; but I am somebody." When you send out a signal like that, other people pick up on it. There's something your spirit exudes that gives you presence with others.

There's a quality of inner strength that makes you attractive. It causes other people to recognize you, to pay attention to you, to ask when you walk into a room, "Who is she?" They won't be asking because your dress is so stunning, but because your character is so magnetic. Projecting that kind of strength is not arrogance or pride. It is healthy self-esteem and the power of God's Spirit within you.

You are a unique blend of talents and giftings and character; and you have a unique destiny upon this earth. You Are Somebody!

God Bless,
Genesis 1:27 So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.