Monday, April 26, 2010

Exercise - Part II

When we think about exercise...most of us think of sweat, exhaustion, and sometimes even tears, depending on how out of shape you are. Well, all of it would be me. I realized just how of of shape I am today. It's sad when one has to clean before they can use the equipment!! Yes, you guessed it, my exercise equipment was so dusty it was unreal. I, of course, immediately decided I needed new windows for my home to justify the dust, instead of just admitting the obvious!! Just an excuse...(lol)

This got me to thinking, how many have "dusty" Bibles; better yet, how many of you even know where your Bible is? I for one have a Bible by my bed and one in my purse. I admit they don't get opened as much as I want them too, but I at least try to open and read at least once a day. Truth is, just having a Bible or knowing where yours is does you no good if you do not open it and use it.

Just like our bodies, we have to exercise all facets of our Faith in order to get it "in shape" to face adversity. I thought I would put it into perspective that we have to start with the fundamentals before we can run a marathon.

When you think about the basics of exercise it relates to your basic walk with Jesus. It starts with admitting you need Him. We all need to establish a daily walk with Jesus. Let him guide your steps and be your protector.

Exercising brings so many good things to your life starting with balance. Balance means a state of equilibrium. Depending on which exercises we do, it creates a state of balance in your life, on so many levels. Just with accepting Jesus into your life, He creates a state of balance. He provides you with the right mind-set to make the good decisions to balance out your life.

Remember, you have to have patience in order to see results....James 1:3 knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience.