Thursday, April 22, 2010



She took her last ride home today
Her final lap in the arena without a fray
As her boots were turned around
To only show she now wears a crown
Her family and friends were there to not say goodbye
But to celebrate her magnificent life

She leaves behind a legacy that most will never forget
She leaves us with a memory that cannot be select
She leaves us with a smile that we will never neglect
She will always linger silently in our thoughts and by our side
And until the time when we meet again she’ll do up there
Just as she’s done down here – she’ll watch over all the strays
And take care of them in so many ways

I can only imagine how her entrance to Heaven must’ve been
I’m sure she slid in sideways amazed by the heavenly rush
Her boots and spurs jingling as she walked the streets of gold
I’m sure she was greeted at the gates by her baby that now she holds

Although she will be missed here on earth,
Rest assured it’s not for long
Because one day we all will be called to our heavenly home

Oh I can see it now as she meets us at the gates
She’ll have all our families in the wake
Her smile so big and bright
Her arms stretched wide like a light
Her laughter as loud as the sounds of the trumpets
She’ll call us all by name and make us
Laugh as she cracks a joke of why we’re so late

Although she may never really know
Just how she touched so many lives here below
But may her memory be as a silent
As wind blowing thru the willows
I know she is now renewed in heaven above
And forever she will be loved

When I said my final goodbye
I whispered quietly so only she could hear….
Now that your work on earth is done
And you’ve arrived at your heavenly home
Will you please hold my baby girl near
And tell her I miss her so
Will you love and cuddle her with Keegan
And tell her I’ll soon be home…..

In Loving memory of Sabrina Nicole Ross
August 2, 1988 – April 16, 2010
By: Candye Daughhetee