Thursday, May 6, 2010

Through A Child's Eyes....

Words can never even begin to express this week. All I can think of is, if my heart aches this bad I can never imagine what Tracy and Wiley must be feeling or experiencing. Although the day was beyond sad, it was beautiful! Almost 400 family and friends came out to support the family and celebrate the life of little Cutter (or "Cutter Butter" as his Mom calls him). Cutter touched so many people and the overwhelming support this week was proof!

It's awesome to see life through the eyes of a child! My goal is to have the spirit and faith of one! They never quit believing or giving their all, and more importantly if we would really listen they have a fascinating way of teaching us so much!!

It's unreal how fast life can turn and change and in the blink of an eye! All of the sudden, what was once complete and whole is now confused and empty. Whatever you do, do not let today slip away without taking time to listen to a child, learn a thing or two, and love like there's no tomorrow, because honestly it's not a guarantee. Life is not a given - it's a gift! Accept it, embrace it, forgive it and most importantly love it unconditionally!

Cutter Butter - go rest high on your big shiny John Deere tractor, give 'em all what you gave us down, laughter, and love! You may be gone physically but your spirit will live within us all forever more....and you'll NEVER be forgotten!! We love you lil man!