Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wild Ride!!!

Well....what a weekend I've had!! Let's just say it hasn't played out quiet like I had planned! :0)
It started Friday evening. When I got home from work, my wonderful husband, had my horses caught up, ready to load, and head to the arena to ride. Sounds good so far, huh?
Got to the arena, saddled all three, rode my "faithful" ButterBuns and then my new prospect, "Lefty". All was going great!! Then BAM! I got on my sorrel gelding, "Spike!" I've had "issues" (to say the least) with him being unpredictable for a while now. This wouldn't really be one of those times... (haha)
He was really wanting to work! Actually made a couple of really awesome practice runs when it all went South, and quick!
I have to laugh now because I've tried to think of many funny stories to tell as to why I'm stiff, can not move my head, or why I'm moving a little slow! Truth is, Spike used me as a stepping stone when I ended up off of him, under him, and then finally sitting behind the 2nd barrel watching him run back to the gate! Yep, you got it...I fell off!! WOW! It really hurts!
Guess it's true what they say, "what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger," right? (smile)
I was supposed to go to Oklahoma to work with an awesome friend (and horse trainer) with Spike, but couldn't quiet travel Saturday; so I ended up staying home (licking my wounds). Then had dinner with my husband and wonderful friends to celebrate a dear friends birthday. So for the majority of the weekend it was a really great weekend, despite the "bump" in the road!
So, all in all, the purpose of this blogging is to say this.... "You never know where life is going to take you. Just hold on tight, enjoy the ride, and know that bumps in life make you stronger!"
I am so grateful for my wonderful husband (who has so graciously and without complaint) taken care of me. I also appreciate all of the wonderful family and friends God has blessed my life with.