Monday, July 12, 2010


This year has literally flown by. It's amazing to think we are almost half way through the year and should be thinking about buying Christmas presents already. Yes, I said it. You know if we'd start early it wouldn't be such a panic come December 15th, which is when the majority of us start, including me! Oh I have good intentions, and around this time of year it hits me that Christmas will be here before you know it, and I always say I will not wait until the last minute to shop. Well, we all know how long that lasts.

But it reminds me of our life and our walk with God. We always have great intentions and think we will get on the straight and narrow sooner rather than later, and unfortunately, for some later never comes.

Why is it we let the hustle and bustle of life get in the way or at least use it as an excuse for why we don't do something? I know I am guilty of it. I always think, "I'm going to start that exercise program tomorrow," or "I am going to not let work get in the way of riding." Truth is, we all are living a busy life but we simply do not stop long enough to give God the glory he deserves or take the time to love our families like we should.

If you really think about Joy it means (J)esus first, (O)thers second and then (Y)ourself last. I know that seems contrary to what most have always told us. We often hear, "you really should stop and put yourself first sometimes," and that is true, we need "me time." However, if we really lived by the theory of JOY then I believe we would find more time for ourselves because you'll notice work isn't there at all. (HA) For me, that's my biggest time consumer.

I've digressed a little from my verse, which is the purpose of today's blog. When I think of Jesus and all he has brought me through I get joy that flows from the inside out. However, when I think of the times that I didn't let Jesus guide my life there is or was little joy there and what joy was there was only temporary and not everlasting.

Today's verse made me stop and think about how hard it is to be nice to those who are hurtful to you or your loved ones. I wonder how Jesus forgave the ones who hung him on the cross? One of my favorite sayings is, "When life isn't a bed of roses, think of who wore the thorns." Oh how hard it must have been and all the pain he endured for our transgressions that we may have life eternal. Yet we are so quick to hurt the ones we love the most or quick to temper when things don't quiet go our way. Yet we rarely think of one who wore the thorns and how he has already paid the price for us. It certainly gives you something to think about.

So the next time you want to be hurtful to someone or only good to those who are good to you (or not) - I challenge you to stop and think.....What would Jesus do?

Today's verse: If you do good to those who are good to you, what credit is that to you? Even "sinners" do that. (Luke 6:33)

I hope today's blog has helped you in some way to stop and think about where you are and where you're going? Is your journey in alignment with what God has in store for you - or are you simply going through the motions (most of which are hidden and buried deep inside) of daily life just trying to make it through one more day?
My friend, Jesus is your hope, your joy, your peace and the only comforter you really need. Won't you lay down your burdens at the cross and surrender all? Won't you take that walk with me and let Jesus guide your path? I promise, your journey may have bumps in the road, trials along the way, but in the end isn't Heaven where we're all destined to go? I know I am! I've set my GPS for due North and I'm looking up for my road map and the final address in my GPS is simply set for: Streets of Gold, city/state of Heaven!!