Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year!

It is hard to imagine that we have entered 2011! We were at friends New Years Eve and discussing how it seems like yesterday there was such a fuss over Y2K and now most cannot even remember 9/11, which is extremely sad, but true. For me, it was proof that life passes us by at lightening speed and we often forget to stop and take the time to remember the important things of life...or enjoy them!

I heard a pastor speaking on New Years Resolutions and how we get all gung-ho to establish them only to see them vanish after about 30-days. Then complain that we simply did not have time to complete them or see them through. He talked about "what robs our time" and it really got me to thinking! (Yes, be scared, I was really thinking!!) I often feel we are great at laying blame but not very good at taking blame! We often fall in the trap of blaming others instead of simply owning up to our faults and trying to make it better or become better!

If I think about what robs my time, it's not TV, which I'm sure statistics will prove that to be the number one thief, however, mine is w-o-r-k! As I reflect on 2010, I spent over 12-14 hours of every day (including some weekends) working in 2010. That left "crumbs" for my family and things that really mean something to me. I can say "I'm sorry" a million times over, but until I make a "change" and really prove to them that they are most important then those words will simply be null, with no meaning! Don't get me wrong....we all have to work in order to generate that famous need of "money"! But at what price! See the viscous circle? So I asked myself, "What is more important to me"? My answer was simple and quick....GOD & FAMILY! Therefore I'm committed to make a change in 2011 to spend more time with my God and my family. But not just quantity time - but QUALITY time.

Well, here it is Saturday morning and I am going to try and finish this blog I started on January 5th. That is an indicator of how my first week of the year has gone...BUSY! My New Year's Resolution to "not give my husband crumbs" is working; which means other things in my life are taking a 'back-seat'! Don't get me wrong, I have worked late this week, but I made an earnest effort to spend more quality time with my husband when I am home. Let's just say I've watched more TV in the first 5 days of the year than I probably did most of 2010! (ha)

As I reflect on what I've learned throughout 2010 I can tell you the number one thing is, no matter how bad it seems, someone always has it worse than I do. Life if FULL of challenges! But it's how you face them and your attitude in the midst of the trial that will sustain you or will make you a winner!

If you take nothing else from this blog today, I hope you will remember, you are the one that determines your destiny. You can either sit and sulk over it .... or you can get up and make something positive out of it! God did not wear a crown of thorns so that we would go through life defeated, but rather so that we could go through life as winners! Remember, if it's too small to pray about then odds are it's too small to worry about!

The attitude in which you welcome in this New Year ...odds are is how it will remain throughout the year! Put your faith in something worthy and not in fear & doubt!

Blessed is the man who endures temptation; for when he has been approved, he
will receive the crown of life which the Lord has promised to those who love Him
(James 1:12)