Monday, January 24, 2011

"It's All Good Up Here"

I think I am experiencing writers block for the first time in a really long time! Usually, it doesn't take so much effort to put my feelings into words; but I must admit, I really struggled with this one. I am not sure if it was because it hurt so much to let him go - or if it's just because of the regret I feel for letting so much time pass without seeing him. Either way - my hearts broken and I just hope my point gets across of what kind of man our family just lost!

(In the picture, left to right, my Daddy & Uncle Ronnie)
(poem for Uncle Ronnie)

It's All Good Up Here

I can see him now
Walking around Heaven
His thumbs under his suspenders
His eyes bright and full of joy
Simply amazed at the sights
Sitting around with family and friends
Reminiscing about the past
And truly having a blast

If you asked anyone
What they remember the most
I'm sure they would say
He was a great host
A man that was real
Humble and honest
Patient and kind
He never asked for much
But would give you his last dime
And complaining you'd never hear

He was a friend to all
And to all He loved dear
His passion was family and friends
Fishing and country music he loved
That much was clear

I can honestly say I don't believe
There were many things he feared
He left a legacy many can only dream of
But most will never achieve
Content and happy, sweet and kind
And although some thought he didn't have much
What they couldn't see truly added up

His heart was full of love
His face was always a glow
Of which always wears a smile
He leaves behind two sons
Who will carry more than his name
They will carry his pride and style
But mostly his grace and un-found fame

His last days on this earth
Was one that was shared by many
Both near and far
He would have been proud
To hear many told stories
And the laughing out loud
Don't get me wrong, the tears did flow
But he remains in our hearts forever a glow

And though he's reached the end
Of his earthly journey here below
His Heavenly journey has just begun
For he's renewed, no pains nor fears
No tears or cares, not a bruise to be seen
He's looking down on us all
Saying, "It's all good up here"

RIP Uncle Ronnie
March 3, 1951 - February 19, 2011