Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!!

It's hard to imagine that yet another year has passed by and we are just a few short hours from welcoming in 2012. My Daddy always said "time flies when you're having fun" and most people say "time flies the older you get"... well I can attest that both are true. 2011 has been a whirl-wind of changes and adventures for both Ryan & me. We started a side business (Cross Your Heart Products), got pregnant, remodeled a kitchen and bathroom, and oh yea, I started a new job.... talk about changes!! But one thing is for certain, the best change of all was re-dedicating our lives to Jesus Christ. Second, of course, was going through the IVF process. It seems that as I reflect not only on the last year, but over the last three years, it's hard to imagine just what all has actually changed in our lives... and ALL for the better. After 18 years of marriage I think we've finally grown up (lol) and I have to say it's been a wild yet joyous ride. We're so looking forward to 2012 and all that these girls will bring to our lives.... Guess I can change my "about me" on here too... it states: "hopefully one day I'll be a Mother".... well looks like 2012 is finally our year.... we're going to be parents! How exciting!!

Thanks to everyone that has supported our business, our love for Jesus, and mostly the upcoming birth of our girls, Alexis & Bridgette.... we look forward to spending another year with those that are closest to us and we're hoping to make many new memories. From our family to yours... Happy New Year!!


Ryan, Candye, Alexis & Bridgette