Sunday, January 29, 2012

Update to Rayven's Miracle

On December 30th I posted about a miracle for a family member... this is truly a touching story.  If you have not read it, go back to December 30th and read it - it's titled "Rayven's Miracle".  God is going to do mighty things in 2012!!
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I wanted to give you an update on this story. I had found a foundation in houston that would cover rayvens eye surgery but they required a letter of denial from the tx chips program( state funded health insurance ) and our tax forms and such which will have taken a couple of months to round up. Well in order to get a letter of denial, I had to re-apply. Our income far exceeds their annual limit of $27,000 so I was just expecting a denial letter. I disclosed all of our income completely and made it clear that we exceeded their limit in a letter that I wrote explaining exactly what I needed. Well I know the good Lord was on their approval board that day when they reviewed her application because they approved it in spite of our income and her coverage starts on march 1, 2012. And just to add another blessing to that, we had gotten a recommendation from a pastor at a local church that had this same surgery done on their daughter in houston with the same foundation that was going to cover it, and this same recommended surgeon accepts chips and has scheduled her first appointment for march 6. My God is sooooooooo wonderful. This has cut a few months off of our prep time. Thank the Lord. I just had to share it with you. I love yall. Amanda.