Saturday, December 12, 2015


This came up on my Facebook news feed this morning and I have to share. When I say life changing products, I'm not exaggerating!

Please read this!!!!!

An amazing testimonial from Stephanie Haberman:

"I am a 37-year, 2nd+3rd degree burn survivor from a freak BBQ grill accident I had at 9 years old, who is so grateful to have FINALLY found Rodan+Fields skincare!
I had skin grafting on my face over the deeper burned areas, so 'new skin' could develop, and later, I wore a Jobst garment mask to help keep scar tissue on my face from being puffy. Wearing high SPF sunblock all the time, and hats in the summer time became my way of life. As a teenager, I had cosmetic dermabrasion surgery on my face to smooth out the rougher scar areas, and I continued the sunblock regimen. I started experimenting with total cover make up, including loose powder to set my total cover make-up. I felt and looked like a clown!! I could sometimes feel my face move under my mask of make-up (Yuck!). I first used mild soap to wash my face, then I began a cosmetic skincare regimen for a deeper clean. I found that my skincare never really complimented the make-up I used. I wanted to completely hide my scars, as if I had not been burned at all! I was an idealist
I noticed FACEBOOK posts about Rodan+Fields skincare from a long-time family friend's niece, Demaris Jones Thie, 3 months before I became her Preferred Customer!! Since August 1, 2014, I have been using the REVERSE Regimen for my skin-grafted, discolored scarred face, along with the Micro-Dermabrasion Paste. I have incorporated the REDEFINE Amp It Up Bundle at night. On occasion, my facial scar areas get red, so I use SOOTHE #2 Skin Treatment or the REDEFINE MACRO-Exfoliator Cooling Gels to calm the redness." ~ Stephanie Haberman

Rodan + Fields products are REALLY "Changing skin and Changing lives!"