Tuesday, January 12, 2016

What Could You Do With $10,000,000??

WOW!!! $10,000,000 in earnings.
Why in the world would you not at least try to build some additional income for your family knowing what the possibilities can be?

Congratulations to Sarah Fairless Robbins and Phil Robbins on the birth of their first baby Gabriel David and on surpassing $10,000,000 in earnings with Rodan + Fields. I so appreciate what you two have done for all of us. May God continue to richly bless you, your family and your business.

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This is the message her sweet Mom posted on Facebook today...

I am thrilled to announce Rodan + Field's first 10 Million Dollar Circle Achievers--our daughter and son in law, Sarah & Phil Robbins!

Sarah & Phil Robbins have used their earnings to bless children in need. Their most recent project was building their second orphanage in India this December in honor of the birth of their first son (and our first grandchild) Gabriel.

Sarah says the best part is being able to stay at home with her son and never miss seeing her baby smile, and celebrating all of his milestones in life! And also making their "babies" in India smile as they give them a new home and life!

Congratulations Sarah & Phil. We love you both and are incredibly proud of the work you are doing here and abroad to change lives!❤️💕