Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Who You're Designed To Be....

Good morning blogger fans!! What an absolutely beautiful morning we have before us. I am SO thankful for another opportunity to be alive and do what God's designed me to do and be. How about you? Are you thankful today? Are you where God's designed you to be? 

It's so amazing how your life can transform when you make the decision that you want to walk in the will of God. It's absolutely amazing what doors and opportunities are opened to oneself when they decide to really surrender all and pray to be used according to His plan - not for our own selfish needs.  Whatever you're facing today, I urge you to stop and take a step back, and say a simple prayer: "Lord, today I humbly submit myself to you. I ask that you would use me in a way that would glorify your Name and that your will be done." 
It's really that simple. When you put Him first....you learn to become okay with being Second. #IAmSecond