Friday, April 28, 2017

Friday Faith - Answered Prayers

Are you praying for something specific? 

Do you feel like your prayers are not being heard or that they may be doing a little 'ceiling bouncing?' 

Let me give you a little Hope this morning! 

God has given us His promises because He wants to fulfill them. Be they promises of peace, restoration, healing, or for material supply, we must keep in mind that the Lord would not have promised it if He did not want to do it. (Hebrews 10:23)

My husband and I prayed for over 18 years before we received our answer. 

Like Sarah in the Bible, most of us are waiting for something and we are neither hopeless nor helpless while we wait. But it doesn't often feel that way in the waiting.  Nobody drifts to the top of a mountain; it takes planning, discipline and effort to climb. It takes Faith

There is much to be done in concert with God and others while we wait for our dreams and more importantly, God's design for us. 

Sarah's dream came true and she spent 37 years with her own, birthed son, Isaac. (She lived to 127.) If you expectantly wait on God and your dream comes true you will revel in His provision and answer. If you complain, develop a bitter spirit, focusing on all the years in the waiting, you may miss the blessing. 

When I see Him face to face, God will not apologize for not fulfilling my expectations or desires, be it marriage, job, or having a child in this life. Instead, he will ask me, "While you were focused on these things, did you see any of the blessings I sent you?" 

Indeed, when I focus on the "big things" I want, I tend to take for granted and miss the daily blessings God sends me. When I focus on gratitude for what I already have, and the blessings that arrive daily, I find myself living with more joy, which is contagious. 

Can we wait and rest in the security of God's timing and plan, His way?  

Waiting is most definitely hard! However, we must remember that He is capable to perform miracles, if necessary, to accomplish His goals in our lives, and sometimes miracles simply cannot happen overnight. Sometimes there is a preparation that has to occur to get us ready for our miracle. 

I'm reminded in the Bible that He wanted and did answer Sarah's prayers to bear her own child.  

Can you imagine the sweetness of joy as Sarah held her answer given to her through impossible means by her magnificent God?  Only 50 years of waiting could have produced such contagious, glorious joy!  And I'll bet she would say "It was a miracle worth the wait!". I know I did when we received our miracle after 18 years! 

What are you waiting for? Take hope in knowing that we serve a Mighty God that knows best. We have to learn to trust Him, rely on Faith and never give up Hope! 

I pray as you lay awaiting on your miracle that you don't miss the opportunity to celebrate the smaller blessings around you. 

I pray you have an amazingly blessed day! 

"...the battle is the Lord's" (I Samuel 17:47)