Sunday, January 17, 2016

Small Business Tips

Many have asked me, "how in the world do you find time to do all you do?" Well, the more I got to thinking about it, I thought, 'how in the world do I find time to do all I do?'

I quickly realized that I have a VERY good support system around me. I am surrounded by wonderful family and friends and I rely heavily on social media and apps to run my second business, Rodan + Fields. So, I thought I would take the time to share a few small business tips with you this morning before my daughter wakes up. That's tip #1.

#1 Maximize your "down-time." I have a full-time career as an executive, a Mommy to a toddler and a wife, not to mention a daughter, sister, friend, animal owner...etc. These all require time and attention (see blog from yesterday, Sleepover On The Kitchen Floor).  As discussed yesterday, I have to find quality time for my family, which means time management is even more instrumental.

#2 Identify what's most urgent, what can wait, and what will literally blow up if it's not done at this very moment. I use the old "Stephen R. Covey Rules"... I live by an old fashioned planner. It's predominately for the office, but occasionally I have to slip a few personal items in there just to ensure they get done and I don't lose focus on the over-arching picture....after all, remember, until yesterday I had no work-life balance.

 #3 I rely heavily on social media and apps. I have this amazing app that Sarah Rocking Robbins suggested, "Buffer." It's simply amazing. I can load things on the weekend (in my spare and there are schedules I can set for all of my social media sites, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ Page. I had to upgrade to the purchased app because the simple starter one would not allow me to sync more than 1 or 2 social media pages...and with my side business, Rodan + Fields, I need as much exposure on social media as possible (or at least what's recommended). Clearly I cannot be available to post things at the recommended highlight times for social media due to my primary job as an executive - therefore I have to get creative!

#4 Learn what's important and what's not.... It's taken me years to perfect this one...and I'm still far from perfect on it because I am a 'fixer' and I want everyone to feel important and like they're #1 in my books. In reality, my God is #1, my family is #2, my work and other things are prioritized thereafter. That's really a hard one to learn and implement. Otherwise, I was constantly always running around the mountain and never climbing to the top.....

#5 Last (for this blog) - but certainly the most important... Never forget that you're important too. You MUST find quiet time to think if you're ever going to make changes in the lives of others, you have to start with your own.

If you're struggling with how to start your own side business, or you initial start-up, find quiet time, find the resources of others who can help you -- there are brilliant people all around you...use them. But never forget to repay them for their help...taking advantage of others may get you to the top but you certainly won't stay there long and the fall will hurt! Be respectful, courteous, and never forget to say 'please' and 'thank you'! Check never know what I'll write on next...

Have a blessed day!